George's Digital Technology was created to share technology with our viewers. We bring you new technology from streaming to phones. Many of our clients like our streaming episodes which we cover streaming software, cameras, laptops, lighting, green screen, capture cards. The cost of streaming for churches, businesses, individuals, bands, singing groups, sport teams. Check us our for the latest technology. Visit our Face Book Channel and leave us your comments use #george1508 Click Here


The George Live TV Show was created to allow viewers to appear on this show my remote. This is an excellent way to share your info, events, programs live. By appearing on The George Live TV Show you can answer viewers questions live, put your product, service, in front of the viewers on social media. If you have a product you want to get exposure this is the show for you. Visit our Face Book Channel and leave us your comments use #george1508 Click Here


This Forum was created to allow residents in the community to share, discuss, topics that are important. In some communities they don't have an opportunity to share their events, info., or have an opportunity to express their concerns. This is the place where you can express your views to billions of viewers and share your events to the community. Visit our Face Book Channel and leave us your comments use #george1508 Click Here


The GDTLIVE TV NETWORK created our network of shows on social media. The GDTLIVE TV NETWORK is a close group, where viewers can join and be apart of our network. This is an opportunity for you to allow us to produce your show on our network. You show will be viewed by billions of viewers on social media. We stream simultaneously to social media. Click Here!



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The Neighborhood Church - Lansdowne, PA

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Penn Wood HS Marching Band - Lansdowne, PA

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The Good-Steward (aka IAMS) - Lansdowne, PA

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Math Matters - Philadelphia, PA

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