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What is a interactive video
How can you use a interactive video

Interactive videos are videos within a video. We create a video menu with your videos. This allows viewers to choose a video they want to see first. Example is you have 5 videos with 5 different items you want your viewers to see, they can click on any of the 5 videos. See Example


Are you looking to have a Telethon Fundraiser. Having a Live Stream Telethon is a great way to raise money for your Organization. Your Live Telethon will be broadcast on our Network Channels. Now is the time to plan your Telethon. Download a copy of our Fundraiser Telethon Click Here . .

How To Videos

Looking to have all your How-To-Videos in one place. We can create your project with a video menu, and video chapters. Your viewers can choose between how-to videos or training videos. Your viewers don't want to look for other videos on your website put them in one place. See Example

Interactive videos are posted social media pages

Interactive videos are created for social media sites or websites. Once we complete your project we'll send you two embed codes for your Face Book Page and Website. How to embed the code on your Face Book Page Click Here.  We are an authorized Agency of Interactr. For more details on how to start your project send us an email at operationsmanager@officevp.com

Interactive Videos

We help people from all over the world create high quality, irresistible animation videos for their brand, product or service. Videos are the most amazing way to communicate your project to viewers. GDTLIVE TV NETWORK will produce your next project into an interactive video with your brand. 


2018 Penn Wood High School Marching Band. Click on Image and enter into a new experience



In this example, we created a musical interactive video which allow viewers to choose which songs they want to see first.


In the example, we created a interactive video for Businesses and Organizations to see how you can use interactive videos.

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